Understanding Casting………..

Do you understand what Casting is?  Well this guy sure has no clue and it is simply stunning to me how many Teaching Professionals get it wrong, and do not know how to fix it.  Even worse this so called fix is just adding another problem to the poor golfers swing.



Here is a pro trying to convince you that holding your wrists firm, pulling the shaft and blocking the crap out of every shot will somehow stop you from casting.  Also quite a few people think that casting in golf has something to do with fishing.  It does not.  Actually a good coach will have a fly rod or turn a club upside down to demonstrate how to use the shaft or keep pressure in it just like any good fisherman, this instructor wrongly says casting a line is different then using the shaft correctly in any good golf swing.  You would never pull the handle or get into a position as pictured, the line, hook and bait would fall behind you in the boat.  Practically every golfer that casts the club get’s it behind them or out of plain on the back swing, and then they have no choice but to go over the top and cast it.  In other words these players break plain twice in the golf swing, good players NEVER break plain and keep the club in front of them throughout.  So just making sure the golfer swings on plain and they get pressure in the right side in the back swing you will stop them from casting or going over the top.

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    1. Actually quite a few of those swings looks damn good, just a bad camera angle, just a few inches off here or there and it can give the appearance of a bad swing position. The very best this man swung the golf club was in the early 50’s, look at him in 53 when he won every major he entered…….PERFECTION……talk to you later, Steve

  1. Totally true Steve. Wouldnt the face need to be closing through impact? haha. I keep my left elbow and forarm rotating downward and if I do it with soft arms I will automagically have a firm left wrist when the ball is struck. But I dont try and do it! Thanks for your teaching Steve. 🙂

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