Author: Steve Wozeniak

Steve is a PGA Director of Instruction in Bellevue, Washington and has 25 years experience teaching Tour players and more than 300 PGA and LPGA golf professionals. He has direct lineage to the teachings of Sam Byrd, Ben Hogan’s teacher for over 20 years. While at the prestigious Ocean Reef Club in Florida, Steve worked with some of the game’s very best including Rocco Mediate, Jim Colbert, Jim Dent, Marco Dawson, Emily Klein, Leonard Thompson and Jim Mclean. With his easy to understand, “rid yourself of the nonsense” approach to the golf swing, he is one of the top instructors in the country.


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It is always amazing to me after a player learns the correct  information and fundamentals how far away they can stray from the very things that got them to the top in the vain attempt to “better” themselves and get to the “next level”.  Tiger was taught in his early years well, and he was fundamentally…

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The old adage of you get what you pay for goes completely out the window when it comes to golf lessons.  Simply by analyzing what some of these "coaches" are saying is stunning and flat out wrong.  Here is a great kid Sean O’Hair getting completely wrong and horrible information from his new instructor.  Excuse…

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