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And a great Teachers tool is the rest of the title to this post.  Let me first say that the TrackMan launch monitor is the best launch monitor on the market today.  It’s accurate and extremely dependable for inside and outside applications.  If used correctly it’s a time saver.  The main things a good Coach will use it…


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Dustin Johnson has as much raw talent and MORE athletic ability than Tiger Woods.  And you can’t say that about anyone else out on the PGA Tour today.  There is just one thing holding him back that has cost him 3 major’s and countless regular Tour events already.  And it is such an easy fix…

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It is always amazing to me after a player learns the correct  information and fundamentals how far away they can stray from the very things that got them to the top in the vain attempt to “better” themselves and get to the “next level”.  Tiger was taught in his early years well, and he was fundamentally…

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