Virtual Online Golf Swing Analysis

Whether you’re across the country or on the other side of the world, you can work with Steve to improve your golf swing using online, remote video golf swing analysis.   Choose a virtual golf swing analysis package and then follow the instructions below to shoot a video of your swing.  Once you’re ready, contact Steve by phone at 425-533-4711 or email at to coordinate your lesson!

  • Initial Personalized Video Swing Analysis – $200.00
  • Subsequent Video Analysis for Returning Clients – $125.00

How to shoot video for analysis:

  • Mount your camera on a tripod waist level or have someone film you
  • Shoot the video from 3 separate angles  (1) face on at the belt buckle  (2) down the line between your feet and the ball (3) directly behind you waist high in the middle of your back
  • Use a target line between your feet and ball to add perspective

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