The First Tee – The good and bad

I love how the First Tee gets kids involved with the game for little to no money.  They give them books and great ideas on how to act on, and off, the golf course throughout their entire life.  They have each child complete different levels and are constantly supervised by the coaches and volunteers.




As far as the golf swing, this is the result of excellent coaching … Look at this little guys finish!  All his weight on the left side, facing the target, level and balanced, a thing of beauty.






But just like any junior camp, school or private instruction you can run into some horrible information.  The First Tee has a PGA Member run each section but usually these guys and gals get so busy they must count on volunteers and young adults to help them with the instruction.

This is what could happen with bad instruction that is not corrected.













This is the result of a instructor making a little athlete hold his or her head still and keep it down even after impact.  One of the WORST things you can tell any child.  This guy  has his arms in a great position but my god look at his lower back and his eyes looking at where the ball was after hitting it.  If this guy keeps doing this back surgery is not far off.




Same thing here, a beautiful little girl getting crap information and going down the wrong path just trying to do what her coach asks of her.  I know it’s hard for most parents because they have no idea what happens in the golf swing.  But just look at where the best players in the world are and try to copy those positions.  And DO NOT listen to what they say they’re doing, watch what is actually happening.











Here is a good example of that, Johnny Miller, one of the best players ever says you can not play golf unless your left arm is RAM ROD straight, let’s see where he really was.









I just threw in Jack Nicklaus as well, he wasn’t bad either……Look how SOFT both left arms are here while at the top of their games.















Tiger here in the exact same position, soft tension free arms.  So get involved with your little golfers and make sure the instruction they are getting is solid, sound information.










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