Here is a great looking young player named Alexis Thompson.  The analysis is from her coach Jim McLean in this months Golf Digest.  So far so good, this set up looks nice and athletic with a great triangle formed at address.

From here things go very wrong and must be corrected or this young lady will have severe ball striking problems and her back and body will not hold up.







Here she is halfway back and the only thing you can say good about this position is that she has the shaft along her toe line, or that it is on plane.  But look at how DEAD SHUT the clubface is!!  Anyone that understands the golf swing knows this, and her coach does not say one word or address this horrid postion at all?  She will have to compensate big time in the golf swing to get this club back to square to her line of flight.  The toe should be pointing up in the air in this positon of the swing.







Now here she is at the top of the swing with the club still DEAD SHUT.  The toe of the club should be hanging down with her thumbs under the shaft at this position in the golf swing.  Like I have always said, there are a ton of instructors that are afraid to change players swings at this level and all they do is hang on to them and try to become there pals.  I equate the lack of wanting to help this young lady to her going the the Dentist and Jim, the Dentist looks at her teeth seeing a huge ugly cavity and telling her everything is ok you look great, see you next time, not wanting to hurt her feelings by telling her she has a cavity……






Here is her HUGE COMPENSATION and why she will not last or play consistently well if this is not fixed.  She is WAY under it and not driving well at all with her right side.  This is a huge block, look at the toe of the club up in the air, meaning it is square….. now….. but this is the only position she can get in to keep it square and hit a few in the fairway because she is so shut in her back swing.  But this position NEVER lasts and this poor girl is hurting herself year after year simply from not getting correct information.  He says this is full extension in the article, bull, the club would be another foot down the fairway if she was in the proper position.

This young lady can be fixed for a lifetime in a weekend…..good luck Alexis.

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