Dustin Johnson – What just kills this kid

Dustin Johnson has as much raw talent and MORE athletic ability than Tiger Woods.  And you can’t say that about anyone else out on the PGA Tour today.  There is just one thing holding him back that has cost him 3 major’s and countless regular Tour events already.  And it is such an easy fix it’s a crime that no one helped him when he was a kid and Butch won’t touch it today.  Dustin could be fixed for good in a weekend and never go back to this position again with a little work.

He has hinged his wrists the wrong way and completely and utterly shut the blade and changed the face of the club from the address position more than any other player in the game today.  You can easily prove this to be wrong yourself with a simple drill.

Get yourself set up and from the address position hinge the wrists straight up to where the club is parallel to the ground, notice how the club face has not changed a lick and has stayed square relative to the address position.  Now hinge your wrists like Johnson and notice how much you shut and change the clubface.  Pretty scary huh?

 Good position, clubface is square and unchanged from address


  Bad position, clubface is shut and changed dramatically from the address position


This is why Dustin is one the of the best players in the world today, he does EVERYTHING ELSE in the swing PERFECT……Changing the blade just kills him, usually at the worst possible times,  when the heat is on…….

I honestly don’t know what Butch talks about during lessons with him if he is disregarding the obvious….maybe the weather??  Clearly Tiger was NEVER like him at the top, so one is right and one is wrong….This is why I like to call Butch an 90% guy, only 10% of what he teaches is wrong, and that’s pretty damn good for a golf coach.  Why do you think Tiger has had so much trouble going from Harmon to Haney and then Foley?  Simply because the last two guys are 40 percenters.  Getting 60 percent wrong information in the golf swing makes it hard to understand what is right does it not?

The best drill in the world to fix any player that hinges the wrists incorrectly in the golf swing is this.  Set up with a wedge or a short iron at first, after a while you can do it with any club in the bag.  Now hinge the wrists straight up to where the club is parallel to the ground and then hit the ball, it will feel real funny at first but you can hit the heck out of the ball once you get used to it.  Heck a couple of Tour players have come in second while doing this during a tournament.  Ryan Moore a few years back was trying to take pressure off of a wrist he just had surgery on did this the whole week, and Briny Baird a few months ago did this to a lesser degree and darn near won, Matt Kucher does it every swing and is a winner…….

One last note, there are quite a few people who think Johnson gets his power from doing this at the top, NO….NO…and NO…..Just set up and hinge the wrists like he does and you will see how that statement is bull……he gets his power from the core and his tremendous speed like everyone else on planet earth.
























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