Jordan Spieth’s only problem

Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth is one of the best players in the world with only one swing fault, and it happens to be a pretty big one that will eventually hurt him physically, and soon, if it is not addressed.  Can you pick it out in this picture?  If you can, congratulations, if you have been watching the golf channel and golf broadcasts the last month because of his poor play you have noticed not one…….not one “expert” has mentioned his left arm.  Actually I take that back, Peter Jacobson did say look at the left arm it does not matter what that does, it’s all about where the right arm is in this position.  Now that was just a jab at his old coach who made him work his fanny off on making sure the left arm is on the body and folding at the elbow in this part of the swing.  And by the way, the only wins he EVER had on tour was when he was working on this, and after he left, on obviously bad terms, he never won again….what a jerk, he could actually help this kid and give him the proper information.   Hey Peter, don’t you remember the swing jacket that you promoted for years, you know the thing that is supposed to keep your left arm in the correct position throughout the swing?  Or how about the Jimmy Ballard swing connector that you wore for years.  You used to wear the things out, I guess the swing has changed now that your not getting paid for these swing aids.   Looking at this picture you can see that his right side is nowhere near the target yet, and his right hip is working under his left, all great ball strikers at this point have the right side facing the target which takes pressure off of the back and joints.  If this keeps up he will have severe back problems and could hurt his rotator cuff, elbow or wrists.  Any time a person gets the left arm in this position they have to flip the hands to get the ball to go straight, if not, it will usually go way right which is his miss.  Flip the hands too much and you have it missing both ways.  Also you are slowing the club down.  That’s why Jordan does not hit it as far as he should.  If his left arm worked correctly he has 30 more yards in him easy……a young strong kid like him…..just look at Dustin Johnson’s left arm through impact, that’s how you KILL it with your core.  Jordan can work, and work on his speed and weights and maybe gain a yard or two but that’s it.


Ricky Fowler 2015

Dustin Johnson release

Look at the difference between where the club is between Ricky Fowler and Jordan Spieth.  In this picture with great ball strikers you can always see the entire club still working down the line of flight or outer rail road track same difference, with Spieth you can see the wipe position, no club, hands and arms pictured, and this also puts severe pressure on the back and joints, while taking wanted pressure off of the shaft which creates speed.  Looking at Dustin in this picture you can see where the power is… the core, the arms are laying in front of him and hinging at the elbows on both sides of the ball.

Jordan Spieth 2015 Masters

Spieth Agusta 2015

Here is Jordan winning the Masters, clearly swinging better, but still has a little block.  So he is in between a huge ugly block like the first picture and smaller ones, but he still must fix this to become a great ball striker and win even if he isn’t putting out of his mind.

Cameron McCormick has been Jordan’s coach since he was a kid.  Cameron has done some great stuff with him, Jordan used to just take the club back with his arms and body working in different directions, and he got the club behind him.  But if Cameron does not learn how the left arm must work in the swing the kid will eventually leave him looking for some answers because he will continue to have ball striking problems.  And if he goes to someone else that does not know how the arms and body work together, the road to trying this instructor and trying that instructor may start……I hope for Jordan and Cameron’s sake that does not happen.


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