Keep the golf swing simple, because it is!!


    If a Teacher can not explain the golf swing in one hour that Teacher has much more to learn.  We spend a short time learning the fundamentals of the swing and a lifetime chasing the perfection of them.  Yes we need guidance from time to time but the true Mastery of the swing comes from enjoying the journey in practice and play. 


  If you are taking lessons and not getting on video for most of your sessions from beginner to tour player how in the world are you going to learn what to do in the golf swing?  I have been lucky to have taught some of the best players and teachers in the game and if they have no idea what there doing in the golf swing (what the video shows and what they say there doing is always different) how can the rest of us have a chance without video and good sound advice?  A Teacher MUST show you great players when they are playing well and when they are playing poorly and easily show you why and explain the differences.  Once you know how simple the golf swing really is you can be your own teacher and help correct yourself when things go wrong.  Yes we do need guidance from time to time but you can not run to a teacher every time you hit a bad shot, you must know why you hit it that way and how to quickly correct it.  This is where every student of mine gets if they stick with the simple fundamentals that I have shown them.  I have literally had students that come in just to show off there new found ball striking ability and let me tell you this is sure a fun lesson.  Instructors that do not use video or if your not getting better and they are, need help.  Let’s talk about two examples of how easy or hard the swing can be. Angel Cabrera this years U. S. Open champion had two of the only eight rounds under par from the entire field in the tournament.  He has probably had ten lessons his entire life, just a natural athlete that keeps the swing simple because it is!  He shifts into his braced right leg with both elbows pointing down to the ground and then goes to the target with both elbows pointing down at the finish.  Do you really think he try’s to do anything but hit his ball to a target?  He is EXACTLY where Nicklaus, Hogan, Snead, Sorenstam, Palmer, Player and all greats are when playing well and I prove it every day.  Michelle Wie used to be there as well when she first came out.  She had one of the best swings I have ever seen.  Now look at her, she can’t keep the ball in the fairway because she is working on things that nobody should her arms are going one way the body the other and it is a shame because she seems to be such a nice gal.  She could easily be fixed in one afternoon given the proper information, so there is hope for her.  And the video camera does not have to be the latest marvel, it can be an old VHS you bought at a garage sale for twenty bucks!!  But YOU need to see what your doing.
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  1. Steve this is very true. I think that often time people views lessons as a cure all to all their golfing problems, when as you mentioned it is a matter of understanding the swing and then practicing.I played Division 1 baseball in college and loved using video as a teaching tool in baseball. There are a lot of parallels between the two sports on how video can be used. Video can be a helpful tool, as long as you can actually clear your head before you take you shot.


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