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   Emily Klein

Pictured above is Emily Klein and I filmed her at my driving range in Key Largo one week before she won an LPGA Tour event.  She came in months earlier like most players that have trouble with there game working on completely wrong information and boy did she get it into her swing.  Emily was trying to turn and get her arms as long as possible.  She was being taught the arms should move away from the body for extension, which is a horrible thing to try and do in any sporting activity.  And about trying to turn well a few years ago the Swedish national coach came over here for lessons and was sure in the fact that all golfers must turn in the golf swing.  He was told to talk to an engineer or any one that understands physics when he gets back to Sweden and ask them can you turn from two sockets and two joints (legs and hips) or do you have to shift to the right leg and hip with the upper body.  About a month later he sent the picture above with the wine bottles back with a caption that read “CAN YOU TURN?!!”  As far as the arms go, you must get them soft and laying in front of you.  The shoulders and body moves the arms in ALL athletic motions.  She worked hard on the correct information and started getting it together.  You will notice in the pictures above that her arms are soft and her body moves the arms into the set of the right leg in the third picture above right.  Now in the impact picture her arms are straight “ONLY BECAUSE OF THE CENTRIFUGAL FORCES IN THE GOLF SWING” and the very next picture halfway past impact is the money shot.  This position is EVERYTHING good or bad in the swing.  Notice how you cannot see her left arm below the elbow and how long her right side is.  This is TRUE extension because her left arm has hinged at the elbow and her right side is driving to the target hard.  This is exactly where Ben Hogan got when he learned the correct information from Sam Byrd and Jack Nicklaus was because of the information he got from Jack Grout.  And by the way Sam Byrd and Jack Grout were great friends they taught the same way.  Tiger Woods is here every time now, in other words every great ball striker is exactly here when playing well it is the HISTORY of the game and I prove it EVERY DAY!! Learn how to put this in your game and you too can become a fine golfer. 

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