DO WHAT I SAY NOT WHAT I DO!! Or is it the other way around?


 Tiger Right hand sand
Boy does this old statement hold true when you look at what great players are doing in the golf swing and what they say they do.  A perfect example of this would be the world’s number one player Tiger Woods.  In the August issue of Golf Digest he was talking about bunker play.  And boy did he hit the nail on the head in this tip.  It was perfect, he said that you need to grip the club in your fingers and fire your right hand through to hit a spinner that lands soft and stops immediately on the green.  In the picture you see that his left arm has hinged perfectly at the elbow and his right arm is straight half way past impact with no flip of the hands at all, this is where EVERY player gets that’s worth a darn in every shot in golf not just bunker shots.  He goes on to say his old swing had to much hand action and he needs to restrict it for his new swing.  In his full shots he is now trying to shake hands with the target with his right hand and tries to let the head go like Annika Sorenstam now, all good stuff!!  I cut this out of the magazine and laminated it while telling all of my students how good this is but after that I said wait till he comes out with the next bunker lesson in this magazine it will be the exact opposite!!      It was.   
    Tiger wipe sand  In the October issue of the same magazine he came out with another article that COMPLETELY contradicted this one, you have to wonder sometimes if it is the same person.  I saved and laminated this one too so my students can see that you can not take these guys and gals on there word what they are doing in the golf swing.  They are often wrong and are working off of feels and sensations that fool everybody.  And NO it is not a different shot he is trying the same thing hitting it close with spin.  But in this issue he went on the say how he is IMMEDIATELY hinging his wrists and holding the club face open.  Notice how the left arm has moved accross his chest and the club was not released to the target, all horrible information and he NEVER does this.  Only horrible bunker players consistently get into this position.  So the moral of the story is DO NOT read and listen to every tip that comes around.  Learn the TRUE FUNDEMENTALS of the golf swing (which are easy) and go out and master them!!  If you need any help come in or e mail me for the correct information.  Keep it Simple. 
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