Finally where he belongs

Scott Piercy wins Idaho 08

If you have been following golf for the first few tournaments of the year than you have certainly noticed a new face on the PGA Tour by the name of Scott Piercy.  I have worked for many hours over the years with Scott and I will tell you what, they don’t come any better or with more talent than this young man.  Here he is winning a nationwide tour event in Ohio of last year.  I talked to him in Oregon at one of his last events of the year on the nationwide, and congratulated him on getting his card for the 2009 PGA Tour season.  One thing he said was he did NOT want to be back on the nationwide, I said just take care of business (work on the right stuff) and you will never be back.  And he won’t!!!  He has too much talent and even better has the correct information about the golf swing.  The hardest part for Scott now is to stay away from, and not listen to the crap that people around him will say about the golf swing if he has a bad tournament or two.  Just listening to the analysis of his swing from the guys on television is proof enough!!!  My Gosh, they have absolutely no idea what he does, it’s simply stunning listening to them.  You know what we worked on every time he came in? Set up and left arm positions, set up and left arm positions, set up and left arm positions!!  When he came in not hitting it great what do you think was out of position?  Very Good!!!  Do you work on more than these things with players? absolutely, until they know where you want them you must.  But once they understand where all of the greats are and why, then the golf swing becomes simple and you just need to work on a couple things to fix many.  Keep it up Scott and see you in the winners circle!!

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