Are you getting what you pay for in lessons?

The old adage of you get what you pay for goes completely out the window when it comes to golf lessons.  Simply by analyzing what some of these "coaches" are saying is stunning and flat out wrong. 

O'Hair vs Schepperle 003 O'Hair vs Schepperle 004

Here is a great kid Sean O’Hair getting completely wrong and horrible information from his new instructor.  Excuse me but you learn when your 10 years old about swing plane, and anyone that comprehends this knows that what his coach says is his old "bad" back swing is perfectly on plane. Where he wants Sean to get in his new "good" swing is flat, traps his right side and is on plane to hit a baseball NOT a golf ball.  If this kid ever gets this in his swing he will disappear and never be heard from again.  You CAN NOT play consistent golf with the club behind you.  What’s scary is this seems to be the new flavor of the month, instructors trying to get players flat. 

O'Hair vs Schepperle 005 Here is Sean winning at Quail Hollow not long ago and GEE it sure looks like he is on perfect plane to me.  His coach was quoted as saying "I feel like Michelangelo with the perfect piece of marble."  So he is trying to take credit and Sean is not even close to doing what this guy wants in the back swing, YET.  The only thing this kid does wrong is he just get’s a little long armed from time to time. 

O'Hair vs Schepperle 001 Now here is Candace Schepperle working on PURE fundamentals over and over again from the age of 2 she is 20 now.  This great information is from none other than her father and coach David.  She has made it to first in the college rankings from working on the correct swing plane.  Notice the picture on the left, this position is the DEATH of many players and sends you down the wrong path creating angles and causing numerous problems you must compensate for at 100 miles per hour.  Good luck.  The picture on the right is perfect, keeps the club in front of her and is where every great player gets throughout the history of the game past, present and into the future.  Her father is a former PGA member and is a part time caddy.  It sure sucks that he is a former PGA member because believe me we need every teacher that has a grasp of the correct information we can get, they are far and few between. 

Now here is Tiger doing the EXACT same thing Candace is.  Notice the inset picture on the right, this is where players get when there in an awful position, and Sean’s coach is actually trying to get him to do this!  And this guy probably has a busy lesson book, wow!!  It sure is frustrating seeing guys work on the wrong things and they have no idea there coach really should not be teaching the game at all if they don’t even understand simple swing plane.  Good luck Sean.




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