How Ricky Barnes can become one of the greats

Ricky Barnes, Tiger, Wie, Watson 007 Hogan wipe 001 Here is Ricky Barnes next to Ben Hogan in the exact same horrible position.  This is Ben Hogan right out of Power Golf before he learned the correct information about the golf swing.  And this is Ricky Barnes in this years United States Open which he damn near won with this swing, which is a testament to his amazing talent and short game.  He has also missed the cut in darn near half of the tournaments he has played in this year.  Notice the left arm has wiped across the chest which makes them have to flip the hands to have any chance of squaring the club to the back of the ball.   And Hogan was a great player with a bad swing even from here.  The problem was this position is NOT fundamentally sound and he never won a major swinging like this. Ricky Barnes, Tiger, Wie, Watson 005 Ricky Barnes, Tiger, Wie, Watson 008 Here are a couple more pictures from a different angle, as you can see his left arm is in a position where I see most 25 handicappers that come in wondering why they hit it all over the place.  So Ricky could be fixed in a weekend if he ran into a golf professional that understands simple fundamentals.  It really is stunning to me in this day and age of video and people that claim they understand how the body works that his coach does not even say gee, this looks like something we may want to address.  I guess it’s just further proof that quite a few coaches don’t teach these guys anything they hang onto them, and try to be there best buddy.  Ricky could easily be one of the top players in the world if he just gets his left arm working correctly, and yes it’s that simple he does everything else……

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