Jordan Spieth update

In my article in March of 2016 I talked about Jordan having ball striking problems as well as back and joint injuries if he keeps swinging with the left arm in his way.  Well that has clearly come true, it was about as hard to predict as me having a cup of coffee every morning.  He is clearly searching for answers and trying to figure out what he is doing wrong.  That brings me to the picture above in the last Golf Digest.  This position is PERFECT, which begs the question, where did he get this information from? It sure as heck wasn’t from his Coach Cameron McCormick.  Just an educated guess, it came from Ricky Fowler, Dustin Johnson or several other players out there that understand how to get through the ball.  The only problem is he is still never in this position on full swings, and will never get there working with a guy that has no idea how to fix it, and even worse his coach advocates for a block in the golf swing.



Now just look at the pictures of this fool Cameron McCormick telling unsuspecting golfers how to destroy any chance of playing well and worse hurt the body over time.  Let me ask you a question, have you EVER seen a good player do this???  This guy took the one thing Jordan does wrong, exaggerates it and makes money off of it, that’s just sick.  This is PROOF POSITIVE the guy has no clue how good players change direction and go through the ball.  Like I said he did some good work with Jordan years ago when he got the club behind him and changed his backswing, but that’s just half the swing… many, his knowledge ends there.  This is now McCormick’s calling card, why do you think he ONLY works with Spieth, other tour players laugh at the thought of working with this guy.

Funny thing is watching Jordan make his practice swing before hitting shots, it’s great, it is halfway back and halfway through with the backs of the arms on his body.  Then in his full swing the left arm comes off the body and gets in his way to this day.  In his short game, not so much.  In fact every voice out there says his problem is putting…..wrong, he’s just putting for par way to much.  Get that full swing fixed start putting for birdies all day and he’s back baby.  Unless McCormick learns how the left arm works, which is highly unlikely because of his idiotic investment on how this arm works incorrectly,  Jordan will never fix this and is in for a world of hurt, he may have to just bite the bullet and say nice working with you but  I am moving on.  Hope he makes the right decision because there could be a ton of wins in his future.  And getting with a decent coach this can be fixed for good with 2 full days of work.

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